Employee Welfare

The foundation on which the world’s most renowned organizations thrive is its human capital. It is this very human capital that puts the systems, processes and procedures in place and enables an organization to embark on a journey of achievements and excellence.

The Human Resources Department at Bourse Africa Ltd. truly understands the potential and value of its human capital and strives hard to ensure that they are extremely motivated and passionate about brand Bourse Africa at all times.

 We believe that each individual, forming our Human capital, is facilitated with a comfortable and friendly environment to follow his/her pathway to excellence by leveraging his/her unique talents and strengths. While we understand and acknowledging that one’s overall skills/repertoire is never comprehensive, we ensure the creation of a culture which enables smooth interaction and knowledge sharing.

At Bourse Africa, the HR Department aims to make the workplace enjoyable while also making it conducive to growth, ideas and innovation. To achieve this, we craft adequate HR processes, procedures and policies which are aligned with our organisation’s philosophy regarding human capital empowerment. A philosophy guided by the principles of helping each individual to identify and nurture his/her strengths, building awareness of possibilities, generating realistic hope of the future and integrating all actions within the larger team structure to achieve synergies on all fronts.

Moreover, in keeping with the belief that employees are the prized asset of an organisation, we go well beyond words in this regard: we implement ongoing actions aligned with employee welfare. As a part of its work culture, Bourse Africa provides ample facilities and organises events (brief description of some of them is listed below), which contribute to employee welfare, a sense of belonging, and leads the human capital to take pride in the organization. The value we add to the lives of our Human capital comprises initiatives such as: a round-the-clock insurance cover against accidents, celebration of birthdays, training in first-aid and occupational safety and health, introduction of course in French language to enhance cultural sensitivity, sharing the joys of festivals such as Diwali and Christmas and adopting policies that give every employee a sense of being cared for without being paternalistic.

    Examples of activities held:
  • Pot Luck: All employees meeting at the company’s guest house accompanied with their closest ones for a food and drinks “bring-and-share” evening. That event helped foster relationships and understanding among the staff and their families coming from various geographical and cultural backgrounds.
  • Traditional Wear: To enhance the cheerful atmosphere of Diwali Festival, Bourse Africa staff came to office on the Eve in Traditional Wear while sweets are distributed to one and all!
  • Team Building Exercises: Team Bourse Africa went to the lush Domaine de Lagrave for a full day of self-exploration and team activities geared towards bettering mutual understanding and team spirit. It was an absolutely delightful day for all the employees.
  • End of year Dinners: This one is exclusively meant for the Bourse Africa family to meet in a relaxed environment and share a good moment at luxury hotels/beautiful spots in Mauritius.
  • Excursions: to Islet Gabriel by catamaran offered exquisite moments throughout