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24-Sep-2015030/2015/T&S/EQ/CFD/7OperationsDiscontinuation of Trading Operations in Equity Market Segment
24-Sep-2015029/2015/T&S/CuR/138OperationsDiscontinuation of Trading Operations in Currency Derivatives Market Segment
24-Sep-2015028/2015/T&S/CoM/111OperationsDiscontinuation of Trading Operations in Commodity Derivatives Market Segment
28-Aug-2015027/2015/T&S/EQ/CFD/6OperationsDiscontinuation of Trading in Equity Market Segment - CFD products
16-Jul-2015025/2015/T&S/EQ/CFD/5OperationsAmendment to Daily Settlement Price for WTICFD
06-May-2015022/2015/T&S/CUR/137OperationsDeferment of contracts to be launched
06-May-2015021/2015/T&S/CoM/110OperationsDeferment of contracts to be launched
23-Apr-2015020/2015/T&S/CoM/109OperationsIntroduction of WTI Futures Contract expiring on 20th July 2015
20-Apr-2015019/2015/T&S/CoM/108OperationsIntroduction of Silver Futures Contract expiring on 28th September 2015
10-Apr-2015018/2015/T&S/CuR/136OperationsIntroduction of Currency Futures Contract on the ZAR/USD Currency Pair expiring on 15th June 2015