Bourse Africa EDGE

Bourse Africa EDGE is the knowledge and education initiative of Bourse Africa titled “Empowerment & Development through ‘Global financial markets’ Education” (EDGE) that endeavors to empower and develop the knowledge and skills of market participants in Mauritius, Mainland Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Objectives of Bourse Africa EDGE

  1. Capacity building – Creation of financial market talent in order to ensure sustainable market development that would attract global organizations to set up operations in the emerging economies and strengthen in-house capabilities.
  2. Skill Development – Enhancement of business oriented skills of personnel who have a financial market background through either education or employment through the introduction of application oriented financial market curriculum.
  3. Financial Market Awareness Creation – Impart knowledge and awareness to the various sectors of the business community in order to take advantage of the new age financial market tools and techniques that would enable price discovery of African and Global products and equip market participants with risk mitigation and trading methodologies.
  4. Network facilitation – Bourse Africa EDGE would create a platform for the business communities to engage and interact through the various forums, seminars, dialogues and workshops organized.
  5. Business engagement and collaboration – Through a multi pronged Bourse Africa EDGE alliance strategy, Bourse Africa is open to collaborate with organizations willing to contribute to the EDGE Objectives and also leverage from the same.

Launch of Bourse Africa EDGE Initiative

Bourse Africa launched its EDGE initiative on the 4th of May 2011 in Mauritius. The initiative was launched by Mr. Rundheersing Bheenick, Governor, Bank of Mauritius in the presence of over a 100 business leaders from Mauritius comprising of eminent dignitaries, leading export houses, financial markets participants and media.

United by a firm belief in this initiative, Mauritius Exporters Association (MEXA) and Enterprise Mauritius (EM) had partnered with Bourse Africa for the inaugural event of Bourse Africa EDGE.

To download the report of the Inauguration, click here

Business Workshops

Bourse Africa endeavors to impart financial market knowledge through the organisation of weekly workshops, targeting all segments of the population. We aim to equip the participants with all the necessary know how to be able to trade on international products. The workshops that are offered at no cost are attended by students, young professionals, businessmen and employees of various organizations from all sectors of the local economy.