State of The Art Technology

The state-of-the-art, new generation trading platform of Bourse Africa is extremely user-friendly and adaptable, enabling trade on commodities, currencies and equities.

The highly versatile, robust and scalable trading platform of Bourse Africa is developed by Financial Technologies (India) Ltd., a leading provider of trading technology solutions to emerging exchanges and leading brokerage houses of the world.

The hardware implemented by Bourse Africa provides a fault tolerant environment with multiple levels of backup to ensure a very high degree of availability. The hardware incorporates best fail over options and redundancy, for all the components at exchange level and network level.

The Exchange TradingSystem, which maintains the Central Order Book, is located in Mauritius.

Trading Interface

Orders placed by the members through their Trader Work Station (TWS) from across the globe are routed to the central order book where the orders are matched based on a price time priority algorithm.

Additionally, members can also use their existing front-end application through Exchange FIX Gateway which supports FIX 4.2 protocol standard.

Risk Management Functionality

The trading platform also incorporates a highly sophisticated and automated Risk Management System which reduces human intervention to a minimum and creates alerts based on the pre-defined parameters for risk management. This provides comfort to the market participants at all times regarding the financial integrity and transparency of the marketplace.

International Connectivity

Bourse Africa is an international exchange where brokers and their clients can connect to its trading platform from anywhere in the world through various modes of connectivity ranging from terrestrial links and VPNs to public networks.

This guarantees ease of access for trading,clearing and settlement, payments and obtaining real time information. Customers and members can opt for their preferred medium of connectivity so that every market participant can minimize costs and maximize benefits.